Repair & Upgrade - Prices

Repair & Upgrade - Prices


If you are having issues with your guitar, please feel free to contact us, all estimates are free. Our experience luthiers will handle your equipment with the utmost care.

String Change

Standard  Electric                 $35

Standard Acoustic                $35

Classical/Nylon                     $35


Standard Acoustic                $85

Standard Electric                  $85

Classical                               $85

Bass (Strings not included)  $100

Kahler                                   $100 

Floyd Rose                           $115

New Bone Nut                      $140

New Bone Saddle                $125

Fret Work

Grind and Polish/

Fret Leveling                         $150 and up

Rosewood refret                   $400

Ebony refret                          $400

Rosewood w/binding             $500

Maple                                    $500


Per job - contact our email for a FREE quote

Pickup swap per pickup        $40


Due to the nature of acoustic guitar repair, estimates and prices are given per job. Our luthiers have worked on many vintage Martin and Gibson guitars, along with vintage Banjos, Mandolins, ukuleles and other instruments.

Our expertise is including, but not limited to:

- Crack Repair -  $50 and up per cleat

- Neck Sets - $450 and up

- HeadStock Repair  - $200 and up

- Minor Touchups on finishes $per job

- Full Refinishing  -  starting at $400 - email for quote

- Bridge Reglue/Replacement $125 and up

- Under saddle Pickup installation - $85 with full setup when you purchase the pickup through us. (We are a BKP dealer)

- We are in partnership with Bare Knuckle Pickups and can offer great prices.

- Electronics Installation - FREE when you purchase the pickup through us.

Pickup / Drop Off Service Available

$40 - Brisbane North

$50 - Brisbane South

$60 - Sunshine Coast

$70 - Gold Coast

We also can order replacement parts, recommend upgrades for your existing parts, and of course our advice and recommendations are always FREE.